Product portfolio

QSID offers support and advice to SMEs, Family companies and Start-ups. All activities are also possible in a digital/virtual approach. In 2020/2021 this has been successfully demonstrated.

Key note speaker

Markus Schmidt can be a key note speaker on digital transformation at conferences, round table discussions, symposiums and special events for companies or organizations.


Key Note speaker at IDW (German association of financial auditors), GESICA ( association of French lawyers), Mazars, Konz, BMI Lab Think Tank Sankt Gallen, Europe&Entreprise Paris, ICDM (network of French entrepreneurs) in Lyon + Lille + Paris, Marketing Club Neckar Alb, Tedis Paris, Start-up event B.Braun. Markus is also participating at Webinars, Podcasts and Vodcasts.


1-2 days with C-Level, Supervisory Board members or owners of medium sized companies, focusing on assessment of a company’s digital maturity and compilation of immediate realistic actions

Workshop details


  • Coaching, Advising C-Level of medium sized company in the area of Automotive/measuring technology, new Strategy for core business+ Ideation on new digital business
  • Coaching, Advising C-Level of large medium sized Company in the area of medical+Aviation, support on Digital Strategy
  • Sparring Partner C-Level as NED in a large Retail family company, Implementation of digital Transformation
  • Sparring Partner C-Level as NED in a large SME in Plastic Industry, development of digital Business Model Innovation
  • Adviser C-Level of a Start-up, Strategy Development + build-up Platform business

Digital Expertise on M&A activites

Support in M&A assessment of strategic and digital positioning and competences.


Elaboration guide for a Private Equity on how to do a digital Due Diligence. Industry expert of a large PE in Smart Mobility.

Lecturer at Universities and training

Lecturing in Strategy, digital transformation, Business development and Leadership for all levels from Bachelor, Master, MBA and Executive MBA accredited degrees and Executive Training.


Lecturing in Strategy, Leadership and digital Transformation at the University Sankt Gallen in Executive MBA, at ESB Reutlingen and University Tübingen in Master. In 2020 Publishing of the book “the Digital Transformer’s Dilemma” on the implementation of digital transformation of companies.

  • Assessment of the existing portfolio (innovation & growth)
  • Mapping the existing business model
  • Evaluate the role of tech companies and Start-ups in the core business
  • Analyse existing competitor landscape
  • Check robustness of existing actions and activities
  • Map out customer portfolio and journey
  • Assess the current ecosystem
  • Evaluate ‘Where do you want to go?’
  • Follow up asking ‘What threats of new entries can we (not) expect?’
  • Dive into the question ‘How do the organization & leadership need to change?’
  • Assessment of ‘How can we manage our innovations?’
  • Examples of best practice
  • Identify potential changes in the consumer behavior / ecosystem
  • Identify relevant scenarios to realise benefits
  • Strategic positioning change with regard to key customers